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Travel Eyepiece Case

Only from SmartAstronomy, the Travel Eyepiece Case is a great addition to your astronomical equipment. How many times do you take too many eyepieces for viewing than you really need? We usually use our favorite 4 or 5 eyepieces and never even use the remaining ones we take with us. The Travel eyepiece case allows you to take up to 5 of your favorite eyepieces with you. Have them right by your side in this durable and sturdy soft case. With the adjustable strap, hook it up around your tripod, waist, or shoulder and have your eyepieces right in front of you. How about using your Travel Eyepiece Case for those valuable 2" Naglers or Panoptics? Insert a Dew-Not dew heater inside the case and keep your eyepieces dew free. Great for airline travel. Just bring your expensive eyepieces on the plane. SmartAstronomy uses only the highest quality Super Strong generic 1000 Cordura type material, and fully padded with 1/4 high density foam for maximum protection and durability. With the eyepiece foam insets, its your choice to configure the case to accommodate 1 1/4" & 2" eyepieces. There's also an inside pocket to hold your valuable filters. Case size is 8"x6"x6". Smart products from SmartAstronomy!!

Astronomer's Flashlight Four Red L.E.D.

This compact, rugged, aluminum flashlight is provided with four low-current, bright but soft RED LEDs, so the batteries last a long time. Ideal where light pollution or interference with night-vision is undesirable, such as astronomy outings, night nature hikes. LED lamps are shock-resistant and water-resistant and have a huge 100,000 hours of operating life. Flashlight is 7.5" long x 0.72" diameter (handle). Includes 3 AA batteries. It's the only Astronomy Flashlight you'll ever need...GUARANTEED!!

Rubylith Redmask Film

The Rubylith Redmask Film is layered on a 5 mil. clear polyester base which is the heaviest you will find for keeping out light that will affect your night vision. The Rubylith film filters out light with a 5.0 opacity. A must at Star Parties. Great for laptop displays, interior & exterior lights, flashlights, etc...Cut it, shape it anyway you like!

Rubylith Film come 3 sheets 12" X 12" (TOTAL 12" X 36").

ULC - Ultra Lens Cleaner

Ultra Lens Cleaner makes cleaning your camera and electronics a breeze. It is a multi-function tool with a graphite dispenser, dust blower and brush, all in one! The flexible-tip graphite dispenser enables you to gently and safely remove oil and smearing on camera lenses or other electronic devices. Its patented ergonomic super blower creates a powerful burst of air that blows off dust and particles from sensitive surfaces. Its retractable brush gently removes dirt and grime without scratching the lens.

Three cleaning functions in one
Easy to use
Refillable tank
Patented, powerful air blower
50mm;2.0 inch rubber bulb diameter
185mm;7.3 inch long


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