Astro-Cube Dew Meade Fork Arm Annihilator System Controller (Model MDA or CDA-R)

Astro-Smart's Meade integrated Computerized Dew Annihilator for Meade telescopes.    

(Model Meade CDA-R or Meade M-DA).

These products are Observatory Class Dew Heater Controllers With Long Distance Remote Control Dew Removal Operation.

Typical Configurations for the  Meade CDA-R and Meade M-DA  are shownbelow for the Meade series LX200, LX200GPS, LX200R, LX200ACF, LX600 and RCX400 schmidt-cassigrain telescope.

The Meade CDA-R can be setup with your telescope As-is placed in automatic mode for trouble free operation or can be controlled and monitored remotely via automatic or manual modes via a computer with the supplied com port interface. s used. pad interface.

 The Meade M-DA can be setup with your telescope for trouble free operation controlled manually by the user supplied rotary dial selector switching from 0% to 100% PWM rate on all channels used. 


Astro-Smart is the innovator of this elegant automatic solution to your dew problem. The Meade Computerized Dew Annihilator ( Meade CDA-R ($149) or M-DA ($49) are one of  the most advanced dew controllers made available to the amateur or professional Astronomer and at a price comparable by no other  system on the market. The MeadeComputerized Dew Annihilator (Meade CDA-R ($149) or M-DA ($49)) are designed to be used with Meade fork arm telescopes which has more features than any other dew control system being offered at a fraction of the cost.  

The (Meade CDA-R ($149) or M-DA $49)) integrates dew control into the fork arm of the very telescope you are using. Most users of the LX200 GPS/R/ACF; RCX400; and LX600 don't use, let alone rely on, the battery compartment to run their telescope. Astro-Smart's unique approach offers the clean and efficient use of this space to minimize loading and wire clustering and to provide a complete replacement solution to the existing battery compartment and cover currently offered for Meade 7"-14" LX200GPS/R/ACF,  8"-14" RCX400 ACF, and 10"-14" LX600 telescopes. In addition, the scope can be brought back to its original condition without alteration in the event you need to send your scope back to the manufacturer or want to sell in the future since you keep the original unmodified battery compartment.

The Meade CDA-R module incorporates a four port heater capability controlling multiple channels using multiple channel temperature sensors . For instance, one sensor(DTS-12) may be used for the main imaging telescopes corrector plate for dew control while the second(DTS-34)is used for another mounted imaging scope, guider or finder scope or your eyepieces. Each monitored sensor channel location is then paired with its associated output heat strap channel for dew control. For instance, DTS12 sensor would be placed on the optical corrector and the heat strap would go around the optical interface tube for instance CH1 or CH2 or both. The Meade CDA-R will solve your dew problems automatically while informing you every step of the way. Its like having a hired dew specialist at your disposal.

The Meade M-DA systems incorporates a common two port heater capability controlling multiple channels. For instance, one channel CH1 heater may be used for the main imaging telescopes secondary corrector plate for dew control while CH2 heater can be used for the primary mirror,  another mounted imaging scope, guider or finder scope or your eyepieces. If you want to be in control of the dew controller using 2 channels and don't require automated decision making, the Meade M-DA simplistic operation is the product for you.

In the following pictures you can see the Meade CDA-R systems with common 4 heat channels, PWM LED indicators on CH1/2/3/4 and coupled temperature sensor channels(DTS-12 for CH1/2) and (DTS-34 for CH3/4) with low voltage cutoff circuit protection and LED indicator for power supplies using battery sources and a serial port for computer graphic modeling and control. The center ATHS channel is for ambient temperature and humidity monitoring normally placed against the optical tube of your main imaging telescope. The Meade M-DA picture is our lowest cost yet powerful 2 channel version of the system that is controlled by the users rotary dial selector switch if computer communications features are not required. For more information on operation of this product see the user manual links and video tutorial links on this page.



Since, the inception of this unique product at Astro-Smart, the Meade CDA-R or M-DA was many years in the making, over long periods in astronomy using existing products on the market to control dew, identifying their weaknesses and limitations making the product you see before you. Features such as Patent Pending Heat Distribution which minimizes heat currents on optics during imaging,  Humidity Measurement, Dew point and Differential Temperature Alarms with automated  decision making on Dew Control, Updateable Firmware, Computer Control and Intelligent Software Computer GUI interface to name a few.  The Meade CDA-R or M-DA are finally here!!! 

Astro-Smart provides a drop in replacement for your battery compartment that came with your Meade Telescope. Just take it out and drop ours in. This method keeps your scope in original condition if someday you need to service or sell your scope maintaining warranty agreements. In the following pictures you can see the normal LX200 GPS/R/ACF, RCX400 ACF, and LX600 battery compartment, the installed 4 port controller (Model Meade-CDA-R), and the circuit board  with its 4 heat channels and coupled temperature sensor  channels(CH1/CH2<--->DTS-12)(CH3/CH4<--->DTS-34). The center ATHS channel is for ambient temperature and humidity monitoring normally placed against the optical tube of your main imaging telescope. LEDs next to CH1/CH2 and CH3/CH4 show the dew control PWM rate when operating.

Astro-Smart Computerized Dew Annihilator  (Model 
Meade CDA-R or M-DA) are  an Observatory Class Dew Removal System designed to be user friendly, serviceable, elegant and reliable and include the following  features:

The PC SW remote interface snap shot main screen is shown to the left. Its a long distance RS-232 to USB remote connection to the Meade CDA-R tested across multiple PC operating system platforms.  The snapshot on the Meade CDA-R product page shows the left side window with current remote activity of all parametric values, virtual keypad and various graphs to track ambient temperature, Optic temperatures, Power Out per channel,  Dew Point and monitoring of Alarms.  As part of the Meade CDA-R  package,  new Meade CDA-R purchases get the PC SW remote platform for free. Please, contact us for any questions.

The super professional subscription version upgrade of the software above increases the capability of your Meade CDA-R to even a higher level.   This includes a data acquisition and processing suite for Multi-Channel Real Time Data Acquisition, Variable Acquisition Rate, File Storage and Plot Retrieval for Extended Regression Data Analysis including .csv, .txt, .png file formats for easy interface to Office Pro

Package Contents.

(Meade CDA-R)

1. Meade CDA-R with Dew Point, Humidity, Ambient temperature sensor with Automatic and or Remote Capability. 

2. One Ambient/Humidity Temperture Sensor Probe.

3. One RS-232 to USB interface Cable For Long Distance Remote Control Operation.

4. One CD with user manual, Meade CDA-R PC Monitor / Control Software Platform, Videos, Tutorials and Astro-Smart Sales Brochures.

(Meade M-DA)

1. The Meade M-DA unit comes with One CD with user manual, Videos, Tutorials and Astro-Smart Sales Brochures.

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MDA-CDAR$79.00Choose Meade Fork Arm Manual or Computerized: 

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