StarGuy Alt-Az Berlebach Wood Tripod w/Vixen's Porta II Mount Head & Dual Mount Head


The StarGuy Alt Az Wood features a sturdy Berlebach wood tripod and the Vixen Porta II Head. This mount has all the elements of Vixen's award winning Porta II Mount, Slow motion controls, Dovetail attachment and handy tool kit. We have paired this with the incredibly sturdy wood tripod that includes a wood accessory tray, telescoping legs and safety chain expands form 27" to 45".. Includes 2 long slow motion handles for easy manual tracking of your target object. Vixen Porta II Mount Head with Slow Motion Controls; Simple Dovetail Attachment; Sturdy Berlebach Wood Tripod; Handy Tool Kit

Sturdy and attractive, the New Berlebach longer 5' Tripod is designed to fit the Vixen Porta II Head. This combination is a must for the serious astronomer. The light metal mounting head fits the Vixen Porta II Head. The Porta II Wood combination is very stable with excellent vibration damping.The tripod legs have no fixed angle stop. Leg spread is limited by triangle tray and steel chain, both included with the tripod. Collapsed Height: 39"; Extended Height: 64.6"; Weight: 7.5 lbs.

Vixen Porta II Mount Head with Slow Motion Controls

Simple Dovetail Attachment

Sturdy Berlebach Wood Tripod

Flexible Slow Motion Handles; Handy Tool Kit


Mount 2 telescopes securely with Berlebach's small and light alt azimuth dual mount head. It is designed for mounting binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes and cameras. Features include:

- small and light azimuthal mount for binoculars, scopes telescopes and cameras

- the friction control can be tuned with easy to grasp knobs for both axes - incl. one Dovetail Clamp.

- on the other side is the possibility to connect a second Dovetail Clamp, Counterbalance Bar or a quick release coupling for a camera/ spotting scope

- thread size 3/8", other on request

- high 120 mm /4.7"

- width 175 mm /6.9"

- diameter on the tripod side 60 mm /2.3"

- load capacity 5 kg

- Weight: 1.30 kg = 2.87 lb.

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