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For 7", 8", 10" and 12" Meade LX200GPS

If your 7", 8", 10" or 12" Meade LX200GPS was manufactured prior to September 2005 it has molded plastic transfer gears in the drive train. Replace these plastic gears with precision machined high strength stainless steel gears. This kit not only upgrades the transfer gears,it addresses and tunes the full mechanical drive system for both axes.

Installation of this kit will:

1) Improve the drive precision in both RA and DEC drives, reducing or eliminating transfer gear backlash.

2) Eliminate the tendency of teeth to break or strip off of the plastic gears when slewing the telescope at high speed or in cold temperatures.

3) Eliminate the tendency of the gears to loosen on their axle, due to use of a larger securing bolt capable of much higher locking torque.

The kit consists of detailed step-by-step photo illustrated instructions for the declination and the azimuth drives, 4 precision stainless steel gears, special gear grease and 4 hex wrenches. And to correct those scopes where the gears do not mesh closely but are only touching tooth tip to tooth tip in a cogging kind of action, the kit also includes a drill bit and 2 special spacer bushings.

These gears were originally developed by Buck Harley. Many LX200GPS users know Buck from Yahoo's LX200GPS group. Buck did the development groundwork strictly on his own for the good of the astronomical community. He offered his gear design to PE Corp. with no compensation to himself simply because of our distribution ability and our experience with this type of a kit.

Although the instructions provided are crystal clear, the installation of this kit is slightly more complex than that of the EZ Focus kit or the EZ Balance kit. If you had trouble with either of our other kits, or if you consider yourself to be a klutz, please either do not buy this kit or arrange for someone else to perform the installation for you.

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Bucks Percison Gears For 7", 8", 10" and 12" Meade LX200GPS Bucks$113.99

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