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Check out our new and improved clearview portable observatory tent..!! keep your equipment safe. Look through your telescope while observing in privacy. or simply staying cozy looking into the beautiful sky all night or daytime with your Solar telescope.

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We completely upgraded the clearview observing tent stitch by stitch!!

*you can observe the night sky and all it's beauty in your personal observatory tent.
*new upgraded, stronger, and durable materials.
*the tent and fly cover is fully waterproof to protect your equipment.
*large 8' diameter of observing space and equipment.
*helps keep unwanted bright light from obstructing your observatory session.
*helps stop wind causing vibration and kicking up dust to your telescope.
*helps prevent dew on your optics.
*excellent for astro-photography or visual observing
*with a spacious 8' feet inside diameter observing space, there is plenty of room for you, a friend, and equipment
*at over 5' in height allows you privacy and helps keep out unwanted light.
*with added dome poles and fly cover, height is 6" in center of tent.
Dome Poles create a bubble dome effect top cover so if it rains the water runs down the fly cover instead of sitting in the center.
*The all-season observing tent is designed for most conditions - mild to harsh - astronomers are sure to encounter.
Fabric is 210d nylon oxford, pu3000 is a strong, flexible canvas with a urethane coating for waterproof protection
The coating is applied for improved water repellent and durability. 210 denier oxford cloth is versatile, lightweight, durable, and waterproof.
*All 4 entry doors have a mesh door for cross ventilation.
*Extra large zippers for easy opening and to prevent snagging
*Seven high-quality folding aluminum flex poles.
*Two aluminum flex poles crisscross into four sleeves to create a fly cover top dome once you put the fly cover over the tent. this will aid in giving you more height and protection for larger telescopes. Water will run off the fly cover during a heavy rain due to the dome design keeping your equipment dry.
*Four new, stronger aluminum flex poles are used to erect the tent.
*We put mesh doors on all four entries for cross ventilation.

The ClearView portable observing tent will allow you to protect your equipment while attending star parties, or if you choose to keep your equipment out for a period of time. The observing tents when tied down correctly can withstand strong wind and rain. Telescope setups can be heavy weighing a few hundred pounds so we increased the strength and durability of the flooring. We advise vibration pads for pointy tripod legs to protect the flooring of the tent. The installation can be finished within 15 minutes by one person or within 10 minutes by 2 people. We recommend 2 people as this makes it easier to erect. It can serve 2-3 observers depending on the telescope setups. There is enough room for equipment and observing. All entry openings zipper up for enclosure with each door having a mesh screen. These zippers have been upgraded and are very strong.

specification bottom: octagon - 2.5 meters diameter (8')
top: round 2 meters diameter (6' 5")
height: 1.5 meters (5')
weight: 4.25 kgs (10 lbs)
shipping weight (12) lbs

components: main flexible supporting pole 4 pcs
upper round flexible supporting pole 1 pc
flexible poles for dome 2 pcs
main tent 1 pc
full fly cover 1 pc
nails in earth: 8 pcs
carrying carry bag: 1 pc

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