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DayStar Filters are the industry standard in narrow bandpass astronomical solar filters.  For decades, professional observatories and universities worldwide have counted on the superior quality and performance of DayStar filters.  They can be found in the world's major educational institutions and research facilities, both terrestrial and flown.

Designed to mount on the REAR of your existing telescope, the DayStar design is adaptable to a wide variety of astronomical telescope systems.

DayStar's unique technology achieves narrower bandpasses for more a more detailed image.  Combined, these design differences accomplish the highest quality view in contrast and resolution possible, limited only by seeing or diffraction.

DayStar ultra-narrow bandpass filters are available in half-bandwidth as wide as 10 or as narrow as 0.2 in the following wavelengths:

  • Hydrogen Alpha
  • Calcium H and K Line
  • Sodium D Line
  • custom wavelengths available upon request.

Take a look at DayStar Filters. You will like what you see.

SolaREDi alpha series telescopeSolaREDi alpha series telescope
DayStar Filters is both pleased and excited to announce our latest and most dramatic development: the SolaREDi alpha series telescope. As a multi-functional, ready to use dedicated hydrogen alpha solar telescope, it combines performance, refinement and sophistication that will dazzle the user, whether professional or amateur enthusiast...IN STOCK!

INTRODUCTION: BANDPASS FILTERSINTRODUCTION: BANDPASS FILTERSWe target the emission line of known elements such as Hydrogen, Sodium, Calcium, etc. By eliminating all other light, we can see the activity happening in these specific chemicals and learn more about the sun and its behavior. The narrower the bandpass, the more off-band light is rejected. This refinement in manufacturing accomplishes higher contrast. The sun is bright enough. We do not need to capture more light. To add detail, we need 'more dark' or exclude more light.

DayStar Hydrogen Alpha T-Scanner FiltersDayStar Hydrogen Alpha T-Scanner FiltersDayStar Sub-angstrom Hydrogen Alpha filtters are rear-mounted filter assemblies designed to operate at the eyepiece position of the telescope. This allows greater adaptability to different telescope configurations and for larger telescope apertures...

DayStar Filters NEW Quantum Hydrogen Alpha Filter SeriesDayStar Filters NEW Quantum Hydrogen Alpha Filter SeriesThis completely redesigned precision heated housing incorporates ALL of the desired features for today's solar observer or researcher... and then some. Operation couldn't be simpler, just plug it in and a green light indicates when the filter is onband...

Calcium II H line and K-line FiltersCalcium II H line and K-line FiltersDayStar is proud to offer Calcium H ( 3969 ) and two Calcium K-line (3933.7 ) filtering systems. Traditionally, university research has employed the Calcium K line for studies of Calcium on the Sun...

Sodium Na D-line FiltersSodium Na D-line FiltersDayStar is proud to offer Sodium Na- D line (5895.9 ) filtering systems. For visual and photographic studies. Sodium filter assemblies are designed for sub-angstrom observations with single-cavity design. Sodium lines are very narrow, but very bright. A very narrow filter of < 0.5 is necessary to properly isolate the line from the continuum. The resulting image depicts high detail in granulation, supergranulation and P-modes...

Energy Rejection FiltersEnergy Rejection FiltersEnergy Rejection Filters reduce the heat load on your filter assembly by absorbing or reflecting UV and/or I light and transmitting light in the desired visual spectrum. These filters are sometimes Red or Yellow glass, or dielectric IR and UV, but pass light in the desired visual spectrum. The ERF can also serve as an aperture mask to accomplish a straight angle of incidence for light entering the filter...

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