Click to enlargeDC to AC Pwr Inverter w/USB Port /2 AC Outlets 300 watt

Main Features

Continuous AC Power Output: 300/150 Watts Maximum AC Power Output (Surge): 600/150 Watts Power AC Devices Rated Up to 300W / High Surge Capacity Up to 600W to Start Converts 12-Volt DC Power from Your Vehicle Battery to 110-Volt AC Power 2 Three-Prong AC Outlets USB Port with 5-Volts DC Output LED Power Status Indicator Plug Directly Into 12-Volt Port or Attach Directly to Vehicle Battery High/Low Voltage Protection Overtemp and Overload Protection Specifications: Operating AC Voltage (Normal): 105-Volts - 125-Volts AC, DC Input Voltage: 10-Volts - 15-Volts DC, AC Output Frequency: 60Hz 2Hz, Battery Drain with No AC Load: 0.50 Amps, Efficiency (Maximum): 87%, Ambient Operating Temperature Range: 14F (-10C) - 104F (40C), Low Battery Shut Down Point: 10.5 0.3-Volts DC, High Voltage Shut Down Point: 15.5 0.5-Volts DC

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