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This adapter allows the attachment of anything with a 2" tube (such as a standard 2" diagonal) to be attached directly to your Meade SCT without using the microfocuser. By doing so, you significantly shorten the optical train, improving backfocus while permitting accessories to clear the scope base - allowing telescope use at 90° declination. As with the EyeOpener, the adapter retains a full and unrestricted 2" diameter optical path.

The 2" Tube Adapter piggybacks onto the EyeOpener II, which in turn threads onto the 3-1/4" thread on the backplate of the Meade 10", 12" and 14" SCTs.

In the photo you can see the adapter attached to an EyeOpener II which is screwed onto the backplate of a 12" scope.

The adapter is fabricated from 6061T6 aluminum and black anodized. The attachment screws are stainless steel, and are long enough to allow clear finger access without bumping your fingers into the scope backplate or the attached device. A brass compression ring is used to prevent marring the inserted 2" tube while griping it tightly.

The total height of the adapter above the scope's backplate is only 1-1/2 inches (40 cm). By comparison, with the standard configuration, the nominal height from the scope's backplate to the back of the microfocuser is 3-1/8 inches.

The picture to the left shows a 2" tube type diagonal mounted with the Adapter. The manual focuser is used when the microfocuser is eliminated from the optical train. And with the EZ Focus kit it is possible to make the manual focuser as smooth and precise as a micrometer, pretty much eliminating the need for the microfocuser.

Applications: This is a new product. A lot of folks have been asking for it. Some possible uses include Binoviewer mounting, camera mounting where the full 2" optical path is required, and adaptation of Meade Classic SCTs to 2" optics.

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