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This kit is intended for use with all Meade 7" through 12" and all 16" Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes - including the LX200GPS, the LX200 Classic, the LX90, the LX50 and the LX10. It will remove most of the backlash in Meade's focusing system and consistently provides a light precise feel to the focuser knob.

Note that the kit does not fit Meade's new LX200GPS 14". The 14" is a major redesign of the GPS line, and it incorporates the EZ Focus thrust bearing design.

The EZ Focus™ Kit is used to modify the Meade focus system - it does not replace it. By substituting precision thrust bearings for the existing nylon washers, this kit greatly reduces the need for separate costly, bulky backplate mounted focusers and motorized focus controls. (Or in the case of the LX200GPS, the need to waste time in switching over to using Meade's Microfocuser.)

The procedure is simple, and the instruction sheet contains highly detailed step by step photo illustrated instructions. The only tool you need supply is a simple pair of pliers.

This extremely effective approach to improving focuser action was developed by Michael Hart. Mr. Hart's basic design is posted in the MAPUG archives. The EZ Focus™ Kit significantly improves on the basic design and modification procedure. In addition to the very detailed instructions and step by step photographs that anyone can follow, the kit contains a collection of difficult to obtain items - 2 precision miniature thrust bearings, a custom stamped stainless steel thrust washer, an Allen wrench, a mirror cell retaining bolt, and a packet of special synthetic grease.

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