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Get-A-Grip™ Ergonomic Handle

The rugged Get-A-Grip handles were specifically designed for Meade's 12" and 14" LX200R and LX200GPS telescopes, and then redesigned to fit the entire RCX400 scope line as well.  They can also be installed on the smaller LX200R and LX200GPS scopes as well as the LX200 Classic family of telescopes.  The large diameter grip area is optimally angled to match the natural bend in the arm and wrist, whether lifting the scope from the floor, carrying it across a field, or mounting it on a tall equatorial mount. (12" GPS scope shown in photos).

These handles replace the handles provided on the front fork of Meade's RCX 400 scopes and on the 12" and 14" LX200R and LX200SCTs.  In addition to a pair of ergonomic handles we provide detailed photo-illustrated installation instructions, mounting hardware, and hex wrenches. You must provide a small adjustable wrench or a pair of pliers.

On the RCX and on the 12" and 14" LX200R and LX200GPS scopes installation consists of removing the fork arm inside covers, removing the existing handles on the front of the forks, installing the Get-A-Grip handles using the same mounting holes, and replacing the inside covers.  On 7", 8" and 10" scopes you can do the same thing except you are swapping with the rear handles - and a drill bit is provided (you provide the electric drill) so that you have the option of mounting your Get-A-Grips to the front fork if you so desire.  Handle mounting hole distance is different on the LX200Classic scopes and at least one extra hole must be drilled per handle.

Pete Peterson (shown in lower photos) is rather wiry, at 5' 10" tall, 167 pounds and 64 years old.  Before Get-A-Grip carrying the 12" around was a bit of a strain - now it's "no sweat."

How strong are the Get-A-Grip handles?  Each of these black solid aluminum handles is conservatively rated at 200 pounds capacity. 

CAUTION - Always lift with your legs and arms.  NEVER lift with your back.  Although the Get-A-Grip handles greatly facilitate handling of these large SCTs and ACFs, they are still heavy and PE Corp. assumes no liability for injury.

Addendum:  Here's some pix of the same 63 year old guy doing a solo with a 125 pound 14" GPS .   This sucker's heavy - both the Get-A-Grip and the Mounting Assistant II are vital when you're mounting the 14".  The photos show the original 39" tall Giant Field Tripod.  Tripod height has since been reduced to Meade's new 31" height with the Tripod Shrink Kit, making  the lift much easier.. 

Addendum 2: Being an "old guy", I've subsequently added a second pair of grips to the rear of the 14" forks to facilitate a 2-man carry when someone else is available to help.  We found that during a 2-man carry the original rear handles cut into our hands cruelly, even on short carries.

Note: JMI's 14" GPS hard case was designed to accommodate 2 pair of Get-A-Grip handles, and in March '04 JMI changed the design of their 12" GPS hard case to fit 2 pair of Get-A-Grips.   

User comments:

Yahoo RCX400 group posting:  I installed the Peterson Get-a-grip handles last night and WOW what a difference they make, made my awkward 10" RCX much easier to carry.  Thanks Pete, fortunately we have guys like you who pick up the slack where Meade left off.


From  Washington (state) Hello Pete.  

I received my Get-A-Grips earlier this week and got them installed.  They make a tremendous difference.  I had taken the 12" RCX400 out twice by myself prior to installing your Grips and it was quite an ordeal.  It's now much easier.  Attached is a picture of the Grips installed on my RCX.  

Thanks for a great product.  



From Manitoba, Canada: Hello Pete.  Just a quick note back to say that your grip handles work amazing for the 12 inch RCX  400 I have.  Every scope made should have your handles on them.  Why the big manufacturers don't pay attention to this detail is unfortunate for them, but good for your business I suppose!  What was originally a hard scope to move about is now a scope that I can manage thanks to your handles.  A great product and I will recommend them to everyone.  The installation was fast and simple.  Thanks for including everything I needed, even the Allen keys!  I had them on in about 15 minutes.  Of course the best option for a large scope is to use 2 people to move it around but on those times when no one else is around at least now I can do it for reasonable distances.  Those new bolt holes you modified on the handles for the RCX worked very well.  Good fit and the grip feels very comfortable at the angle it is mounted on.

From Vermont:  ....installed the grips. It was about as difficult as installing the mounting plate to the tripod. Read: A Chimp could do it.  The new grips have solved the following issues with my moving and setting up my 12" LX200GPS: I no longer need to wear thick winter gloves to avoid mangling my hands in the Meade-designed handles. I no longer feel the need to visit a chiropractor after each set-up & take-down. And most importantly to me - I no longer have this internal fear of the scope slipping from my grip and crashing to the ground, destroying both scope & my feet!  As has been said before of your after-market products, this is what SHOULD have been on the scope in the first place.

Yahoo LX200GTPS-14" group posting:  After setting up my new 14" LX200 on three separate occasions, I decided that I needed assistance that would help me pick up, carry and mount the scope easier.  So I placed an order for the Get-A-Grip  and Mounting Assistant II from Peterson Engineering.  My goodies arrived in a couple of days (unbelievable!) and I easily installed both items in less than 15 minutes.  The fit and finish was excellent.  I was skeptical of it working for me, but I was dead wrong.  I was comfortably able to pick up, carry and mount the scope!  No more nervous wreck!  Don't get me wrong, the scope is still darn heavy, but the new grips made it easier due to ergonomics.  The Mounting Assistant II made it a no-brainer for me to slide the curved part of the base against the 3 bumpers, and bingo, perfect alignment!  I was crazy enough to carry and mount my scope 4 times to make sure it wasn't a fluke!  Now, I want to get another set of grips for the opposing side for 2 man lifting.  Just want to thank Pete for his well designed products and making life so much easier.

From California: I just took delivery of my new 12" LX200GPS/UHTC yesterday.  It came with the Autostar II version 1.7.  Man, I'm sure glad I ordered the "Get-A-Grip" handles from Pete!  They make that 75 lb. OTA seem like 25 lbs!  Also, Pete's "Mounting Assistant II" really gives you confidence when positioning the scope on that giant field tripod!

From Alberta: Canada: I ordered your "Get-A-Grip" handles last week and they arrived a couple of days ago.  I needed them for my new 14" LX200GPS.  I installed them last night and let me tell you, they make lifting and moving this telescope so much easier!  These are a must for anyone wanting to lift this telescope on their own.  The stock handles were not at all conductive to lifting this telescope by myself (although lifting a 120 lb OTA by yourself is probably not recommended either, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? ...  My compliments to you for a well designed product.

From Missouri: Handles have arrived and are on.  Fantastic.  Thank you for a better idea and for your speed.

From Georgia: The Grips are worth their weight in gold.  I am a woman 5'2" and can carry the 12" scope by myself because of these handles.

Yahoo LX200GPS-14" user group posting: Just fitted my single pair of GaG's on my 14" LX200GPS and attempted to lift it from the floor.  WOW.........I managed it.  Once I had it lifted to carrying height the scope 'felt' light -easy enough to carry around.  Prior to fitting the handles I could only manage to tilt and drag the scope. The dead lift wasn't easy from floor level and required a roll back on my heals type action but I think those with 10 and 12" scopes who think they are hard to move around/carry will find them much easier with these handles. (I did pay for my own handles -I was not put up to it).  Thanks Pete - Now I'll believe anything you say :-)  Canberra, Australia

Yahoo's LX200GPS-14" user group:  These are handles are great. I put a pair on my 12" scope. Being of small build I thought I might have problem with this scope. With the original handles it was a bear to move around.  With the new handles the 12" is easy to lift from a dead lift and is easy to carry around and mount. In my opinion, these handles make the 12" scope a portable scope for me.

From Lexington, SC: "The Get-A-Grips are worth their weight in APO lenses."

From California: The Get-a-Grip Handles I installed on my 12" made that 75- pound OTA/FORK seem like only 40 pounds!

From Hampshire, England:  Just to let you know that the packages arrived safely and I am delighted with them. Lifting my RCX 400 10" is now a piece of cake (well relatively) and I am no longer afraid of carrying it 50 yds from my garage to my back garden ("yard" in American English!)

Yahoo's RCX400 User Group: "When I first got my RCX 10" scope, I didn't feel confident handling it. I could get it on the tripod but didn't feel very secure about it; and when I tried mounting on the wedge, I found that it was essentially impossible to handle. Since then I have bought Peterson's Get-a-Grip Handles, and they have made a big difference. Now I can easily mount the scope on the tripod, and I can get it on the wedge too without any help. But I do worry about losing my balance someday; so I will be building an observatory soon, and that will take care of that problem. So I do highly recommend Peterson's handles! (Posting #6818)

From Cape Town, South Africa: Hi Pete, Just a note to let you know the handles arrived today.  Well packed and everything in good order.  Installed the handles using the tools supplied and following the very clear and thorough instructions. WOW!!!!!! They really do make a vast difference in handling the 14”  What used to be a two man (actually one man and one woman – wife) operation has now become  a one man operation.  I would recommend them to anyone with a 14”.  Well done on a good product and good service.



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