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HoTech Astro-Aimer

HOTECH ASTRO PRESENTER GREEN LASER POINTERHOTECH ASTRO PRESENTER GREEN LASER POINTERUnique 2 switches design-Constant On & Push Button green laser for all pointing, presentation, and astronomy applications. High output green laser..5mW Class IIIa high power green laser at 532nm wavelength. Green laser is 20 times brighter than red laser at the same output power as perceived by human eyes. The effective visual range allows an audience within a 3 meter radius around you to clearly trace the laser line to the star...

HOTECH ASTRO-AIMER GEN IIHOTECH ASTRO-AIMER GEN IIAstro Aimer's green laser is perfect for pinpointing star locations as well as any other pointing needs. The two-color LED flashlight is ideal for any indoor and outdoor illumination. Its multi functions make Astro Aimer a very useful tool for astronomers, educators, hikers, campers, any outdoor goers, rescuers, law enforcement, military, CSI laser investigation tools and many others...IN STOCK


Astro Aimer G3 has all the features of Astro Aimer Gen II and the same dimensions and appearance of Astro Aimer Gen II. In addition, new Astro Aimer G3 is dust and water resistant with redesigned internal construction and an anti-reflection coated optical glass window to optimize its outdoor applications...


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