Astro Presenter Green laser
S t y l i s h   G r e e n   L a s e r   w i t h   D u a l   L a s e r   S w i t c h e s
HOTECH Astro Presenter
High output green laser
5mW Class IIIa high power green laser at 532nm wavelength.  Green laser is 20 times brighter than red laser at the same output power as perceived by human eyes. The effective visual range allows an audience within a 3 meter radius around you to clearly trace the laser line to the star.

Automatic laser power feedback control
The laser has built-in feedback circuit that constantly monitors laser output power to keep the laser output stable.  The control allows the laser to operate more stably under cold or warm ambient temperatures.

Momentary laser activation switch
The round laser activation switch allows momentary activation of laser which is very useful in presentation that requires a quick pointing of the subject(s).

Constant ON / OFF laser activation switch for convenient telescope aiming

When using your Astro Presenter as a finderscope on your telescope, the constant ON laser switch frees both your hands to aim your telescope without holding the laser activation button, unlike conventional green pointers with a momentary switch.
Optional remote pressure switch
Extension remote switch allows user to activate the laser without disturbing the telescope to which it is attached.

Dimensions & Packaging
0.75" diameter x 4.45" length.  Larger diameter and shorter length than conventional pen style pointer is designed for better handling.  Operated by one 3V, CR123 high capacity lithium battery for long lasting battery life time.  The package comes in an attractive synthetic leather case.

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Astronmer's Green Laser Pointer Remote Switch

Convenient remote switch
The remote switch keeps your hand away from the telescope when activating the laser.  It prevents unwanted movement on the telescope when activating the mounted laser.

High quality Mil-Spec. remote pressure switch

The switch is extremely durable and reliable.  It can perform over 1.5 million switching cycle, and is designed for outdoor environment where no dirt or moisture can affect the performance of the switch.  It will always faithfully activate the laser on your demand.

Switch pad size: 1" x 1/2"
Cable length: 7"

Availability: Usually ships the next business day


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