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Milestone Advanced GOTO Mount
The innovative design of the Milestone Series GOTO Mounts feature 1.8 degree micro-step driven stepper motors with 0.075 arc (or 17,200,000 steps/rev) resolution. All metal, precision engineered worm gears ensure smooth, vibration free movement. New GOTO software provides increased point and tracking accuracy for long term observation or photographic exposure without the need for continual adjustment. The generous object database contains over 33,000 targets, giving a rich and varied astronomical portfolio from which to make observing selections.

Gear ratio: 1343.75
Speed Rate: 1x sidereal to 2.0degree (480x)
Mount material: All metal
Controller: Ekstream GOTO controller 30 with 32,323 objects
Backlash Compensation: By software
Controller upgrade: Via download when issued.
Level bubble: 8' accuracy level-bubble for precision level adjustment and better GOTO performance
Polar alignment scope: User friendly red dot polar sight
Tripod: Heavy duty Stainless Steel legs with 1.5" and 1.25" tubes
Tripod Height: 630mm-1080mm
Mount height with extension: 300mm
Accessory Tray: Specially designed for enhanced stability of the tripod
Mount weight (without counterweight): 6.5kg
Mount weight (with counterweight): 9.5kg
Mount adaptor: Vixen style
Payload max: 7kgs (5kgs for photography)
Power Supply: 12 V DC 2Amp
Heavy Duty Padded Nylon Case

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