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The innovative design of the Milestone series GOTO mount is manifest in the 1.8 degree micro-step driven stepper motors: all metal precision engineered worm gears deliver a truly impressive 0.075 arc seconds (or 17,200,000 steps/rev) resolution. The practical result is a mount that provides very smooth, vibration free movement. New GOTO software provides increased point and tracking accuracy for long term observation or photographic exposure without the need for continual adjustment.

● All metal construction. Precision engineered worm gears
● 1.8 degree micro-step driven stepper motors with 0.075 arc sec (or 17,200,000 steps/rev) resolution
● Controller supplied with new GOTO software providing improved pointing accuracy 
● Compatible with Kson Astro-Wireless adaptor, GPS-W Router kit, GPS-Bluetooth kit and SkyTouch wireless controller.
● 32,323 object database
● Upgradeable hand control software and motor drive unit
● Quick assembly, three section KT8 stainless steel tripod. 1.5", 1.25" and 1" tube diameters give height range of 40 - 100cm.
The specially designed accessory tray enhances tripod stability and helps make this model ideal for “grab and go”.
● Mount, tripods and telescopes are supplied in a deluxe padded nylon case for safety transportation
to your favourite observing locations
(Telescope Shown Not Included)

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