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Meade's new EclipseView™ Line of Solar Safe telescopes are the best products available to view the upcoming Solar Eclipse! What makes EclipseView™ so great? They are for use both Day and Night! You can now view the Sun, Moon, Planets, and more with just one telescope! Both SAFE and FUN for everyone. EclipseView™ comes with a removable white-light filter for daytime use and when the Sun sets, just simply remove the filter, change the viewfinder and BAM...enjoy the night sky!

  • Solar filter for safely viewing the sun
  • Solar filter blocks UV & IR
  • Perfect for viewing solar eclipses & sunspots
  • Use BOTH Day & Night
  • See the Sun, Moon, Planets & More!


Meade ECLIPSEVIEW™ 114 Reflecting Telescope
Meade ECLIPSEVIEW™ 114 Reflecting Telescope

The EclipseView™ 114mm allows you to set up and share the Sun gazing experience in seconds. This EclipseView™ table-top telescope is the ideal “grab-and-go” telescope offering easy and portable observation for an excellent value. Even better, you can use this portable telescope for BOTH day & night! View the Moon, Planets, the Sun, and more all with one telescope! Safe and fun for everyone! Get your EclipseView™ today!


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