Meade Instruments has built its reputation and its products through ground-breaking and industry-leading innovation. Youíll find that on every product we make. Meade Instruments is adding technology to all of our products to make them easier and more fun to use. At Meade, we believe in using technology to make astronomy accessible and enjoyable to everyone, regardless of your experience level. It's the way we've done business for the past four decades, and the way we'll continue to do business into our fifth decade and beyond.

Itís a new age. A moment in time that defines the future of astronomy. Meade is the most widely used advanced amateur telescope on Earth. And for good reason. It combines the most sophisticated optical system available with rock-solid mechanical and electronic elements to create the most versatile astronomical system available...

From eyepieces, filters and photographic adapters to maps and laser pointers, genuine Meade accessories have your every observing need covered with high quality items sure to please. The bedrock of any successful manufacturing company is the quality and value that its products represent. Does each product perform well within its advertised specifications? Does each product offer good and fair value for the customer's money? If the product is made by Meade Instruments, we know that the answers are yes in both cases. We look at our products, study them, use them every day, and we regularly compare them directly with competing products, to confirm to ourselves that no company anywhere is offering the customer a better product or a better value...

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By faith we understand that the universe was created by God's command, so that what is seen has been made from things that are not visible

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