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SmartAstronomy's Smartcase II is designed to protect the Celestron controller from dirt, dust, and moisture from dew. Microscopic dust and dirt will find its way inside your Celestron hand controller causing the keypad to have slow response or no response. Moisture from dew also becomes a major factor in keypad commands. Damage of the controller housing and circuts from accidental falls can also occur. The GoTo Telescope depends on the commands sent from the Celestron Keypad. If the Celestron controller doesn't work, neither will your telescope! The SmartCase II is fully padded for protection against impact and all materials are waterproof to protect against moisture from dew. The transparent front allows the display to read easily, and maintains the feel of the keypad in all temperatures. The look and feel of the SmartCase II will give you the assurance that your controller is protected. Order your SmartCase II TODAY!..100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or a Full Refund within 30 days of purchase. Smart products from SmartAstronomy!!


Hi Vic,

Got it! Thanks!!

It came great! I put it on right away and it fits perfectly! I can even slip the mounting tab from the bracket into it to hold it on the tripod.

Thanks again!


Availability: Usually ships the next business day


 What happens when you don't use The SmartCase I & II ? What happens when you don't use The SmartCase I & II ?When you don't protect the controller from microscopic dust and dirt, moisture from dew, and cold weather, you risk loosing...


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