Thousand Oaks Black Polymer Solar Film

Black Polymer Solar Filters
: One layer design with absorptive filtering material spread throughout substrate. Clean same as glass.

SAFE FOR DIRECT SOLAR VIEWING: SmartAstronomy's high quality Black Polymer from Thousand Oaks Optics provide the highest safety features, along with crisp and beautiful eye pleasing orange solar images. This is not Mylar !! Thousnad Oaks Black Polymer Solar Film is developed only for SAFE solar observation. Unlike metallized Mylar, the Polymer gives a sharp, comfortable orange image instead of unnatural pale blue. Claims by some manufacturers are that two layers of Mylar will guarantee no pinholes in the coatings. Just hold a Mylar viewer at arms length near to a light bulb to see the pinhole defects. The protective filtering properties of the Black Polymer are throughout the substrate so there is no concern about safety. Our Black Polymer is great for making inexpensive and safe filters for binoculars, cameras, and custom solar viewers. It's very durable and easy to work with. Guaranteed fifteen years! Sheet size: 12" x 12"

When using low magnification the image may appear bright in some telescopes with optical density 5 filters. Color or polarizing eyepiece filters can be used in addition if desired. The higher the magnification, the dimmer the image will become. Binocular filters have a denser coating since high magnifications are not used.

BPSF$25.00Solar Film (12'' X 12''): 

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