SolaREDi alpha series telescope

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Both Tripod and Dovetail Mount

2" dual speed Crayford Style Focuser

NEW!  Dedicated Electronic Tuning
"It's like having a little Quantum Hidden Inside!"

60mm aperture and 25mm Blockers

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5 Year Warranty

Click for higher resolution image.Announcing the SolaREDi alpha series 60mm telescope.  As a multi-functional, ready to use dedicated hydrogen alpha solar telescope, designed with serious imagers in mind.

SolaREDi alpha is an entry level imager's telescope boasting both a modest pricetag and out-of-the-box application.  But alpha offers room to grow with 60mm clear aperture and full 35mm blocking filter elements and an included robust 2" focusing platform for a wide variety of solar imaging choices.

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Clear Aperture:  60mm

Focal Length:  1375mm

Limiting Resolution:  2.8 Arcseconds

Operating Temperature:  20-90 F
Power supply: DC 12V, maximum 120mA, 2.1x5.5mm
AC Adapter included: 120-240VAC
Power consumption: 1.5 watts

Wavelength Shift range: 1
100% safe and fully blocked directly through the OTA

Reaches focus using the following: 

1.25" eyepiece, 2" eyepiece, ToUCam, Lumenera, SBIG, SLR, DSLR*, afocal, CCTV Video, 2X - 5X Barlow lenses with any combination included above.

Complete Hydrogen alpha Solar Telescope

2" dual speed Crayford style Focuser

Solar Finder
Dovetail / 1/4-20 threaded mounting foot.
12VDC Power supply with Inernational wall adapter plug
6 foot (1 meter) power extension cord

Performance engineered for flexibility, the SolaREDi has been rigorously tested for ease of operation, function, reliability and adaptability with various cameras.  

*For best results, Daystar does NOT recommend
imaging with DSLR or any color CCD camera.


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Click to enlarge0.5 SolaREDi 60mm Odyssey TelescopeSolaRedi DayStar telescope

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Click to enlarge0.3 SolaREDi 60mm Odyssey TelescopeSolaRedi DayStar telescope

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