Click to enlargeSVBONY 1.25" SV188P Dielectric Diagonal for Refractor

There are many 1.25" star diagonals on the market. Many of them have a mediocre mirror quality with 90% reflectivity (10% loss) and a plastic body. The 1.25" diagonal by SVBONY stands for a high-quality alternative to those cheap parts. It offers excellent image and mechanical quality. There's no vignetting over the full 1.25" field. SV188P features sophisticated, Multi-layered dielectric coatings that provide an astounding 99% reflectivity for maximum view brightness and sharpness.

SV188P Diagonals provides a comfortable 90-degree viewing orientation when observing the night sky through a refractor. When use the SV188P with Maksutov-Cassegrain (Mak-Cass) or Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, you need a special adapter.

Another advantage is the 1.25" nosepiece barrel is threaded to accept 1.25-Inch filters. Brass lock Screw and Brass Compression Rings feature more precision and prevent barrels or the surface of eyepieces from marring and scratching.






Model Number SV188P

Size 1.25-Inch

Coatings Dielectric

Reflectivity Dielectric 99% coating for bright images

Material Aluminum Alloy

Filter Threads M28.5*0.6

M4 Set Screws Yes

Net Weight 125g / 4.41oz

Availability: Usually ships the next business day

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