Large selection of Celestron, Meade, Vixen, & SmartAstroonmy eyepieces...

Meade Mega Wide Angle 100 Degree Series 5000 EyepiecesMeade Mega Wide Angle 100 Degree Series 5000 Eyepieces
The 100 degree apparent field of view MWA eyepieces currently are Meade’s widest angle eyepiece. Experience bright, sharp, sweeping vistas of the heavens; vistas so large that you feel that you are “sky-walking” through the skies.

Meade Series 5000 HD-60 6-Element Eyepieces & Compete SetMeade Series 5000 HD-60 6-Element Eyepieces & Compete Set
Meade Series 5000 HD-60 6-Element Eyepieces. The latest advancement in the Meade Series 5000 eyepiece series offers a large 60° apparent field of view and a flat field of view which is tack sharp right to the edge... Sale Price $69.95

VIXEN NPL PLOSSL SERIES TELESCOPE EYEPIECESVIXEN NPL PLOSSL SERIES TELESCOPE EYEPIECESThe 2-group 4- element PLOSSL series eyepieces offer flat and clear images with good color correction. The NPL20, NPL25, NPL30 and NPL40 eyepieces feature a twist-up eye cup...IN STOCK

BARLOW EYEPIECESBARLOW EYEPIECESBarlow lenses are used to increase the power of any eyepiece.

Manufactured using high grade lens, with 40 layers of fully multi-coated optics and 98% penetration. These sharp looking plossls eyepiece boast a 55 degree field of view, are exceptionally baffled...IN STOCK.. CLOUDYNIGHT.COM REVIEWS RAVES....AMAZING!!!!

Meade Ultra Wide Angle Series 5000Meade Ultra Wide Angle Series 5000The Representing the ultimate in eyepiece design and technology, the new six and seven element Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle eyepieces deliver extremely high resolution, contrast and full-field sharpness over an astounding 82° apparent field-of-view...

Telescope DiagonalsTelescope DiagonalsOur 1.25" and 2" 90 degree Dielectric mirror star diagonal uses New Advanced 46-Layered Multicoated Dielectric mirror coatings for a full 99% reflectivity. The mirror's 10mm thickness is 1/10th wave BK7 optical glass...

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