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Vixen Optics can provide you with a varied selection of mounts. Vixen’s Altazimuth Mounts have simple vertical and horizontal motion controls designed to easily assist you to point your telescope at your viewing objective. The Porta mounts can be handled and assembled with ease.

Vixens Equatorial mounts allow you to track an object in accordance with the diurnal motion of the Earth. The SPHINX SX2 MOUNT AND STAR BOOK ONE, VIXEN SPHINX SXD2 MOUNT AND STAR BOOK TEN OR STAR BOOK ONE, VIXEN ADVANCED POLARIS WITH STAR BOOK ONE, VIXEN SPHINX SXP MOUNT AND STAR BOOK TEN, OR STAR BOOK ONE, VIXEN AXD MOUNT AND STAR BOOK TEN, are all ideal for long observing sessions at high powers, and ideal for astrophotogaphy.

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Vixen Polarie Star Tracker Mount Platform (Item #35505)Vixen Polarie Star Tracker Mount Platform (Item #35505)We are proud to introduce The Vixen Polarie Star Tracker for Astrophotography. This Highly accurate and compact Astrophotography Mount platform allows you to capture night scapes and star images with ease...

Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Equatorial Mount (Item #25061)Vixen Sphinx SXD2 Equatorial Mount (Item #25061)
Vixen has reworked the design and manufacture of its innovative SXD Mount. The new SXD2 Mount has a greater loading capacity and is more rigid enabling a more steady platform for astrophotography. The quieter Stepping motors ensure you of smooth, quiet slewing with quick response to commands.

Vixen AXD Mount & High Definition STARBOOK TEN Vixen AXD Mount & High Definition STARBOOK TEN The sleek design of the AXD Mount covers innovative gearing (View here) for superior performance. Controlled by Vixen's new STAR BOOK TEN, the AXD combines all the features that the serious astronomer has been waiting for. The AXD Mount was names a 2011 Star Product by Astronomy Magazine. Read what Astronomy Magazine wrote about the AXD Mount...

Vixen MINI Porta MountVixen MINI Porta Mount
The Vixen MINI PORTA comes equipped with two fine adjustment handles for whole circle slow motion in both directions. It is useful for fine motion in searching and tracking celestial objects...


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The Porta II has all the same features you have come to love in the Original Porta Mount. This solid altimazimuth mount with a 20lb payload capacity, features Slow Motion Flexible Handles to minimize vibrations and keep your view sharp,very useful in searching and tracking celestial objects. The mount head is easily removed to allow for a switch to a heavier tripod...

Vixen GP2 Photo Guider (Item #35501*) Vixen GP2 Photo Guider (Item #35501*)
The compact and lightweight GP2 Photo Guider is a sturdy tracking mount for guided camera astrophotography. Perfect for taking wide field images with your DSLR or SLR camera. Comes complete with 1 RA Motor, 1 Single Axis Drive Hand Controller, 6x20 Polar Axis scope with illuminator, battery pack, 2.4 lb counterwieght, tripod and carry bag.

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StarGuy Alt-Az Berlebach Wood Tripod w/Vixen's Porta II Mount Head & Dual Mount HeadStarGuy Alt-Az Berlebach Wood Tripod w/Vixen's Porta II Mount Head & Dual Mount Head
Sturdy and attractive, the New Berlebach longer 5' Tripod is designed to fit the Vixen Porta II Head. This combination is a must for the serious astronomer...

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