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When you don't protect the controller from microscopic dust and dirt, moisture from dew, and cold weather, you risk losing the ability to control the telescope. The keypad is very sensitive to these elements and you could find yourself pressing hard on the keypad repeatingly with no response. You could purchase a keypad repair kit sold on the market, but that means taking apart the controller (as shown in photo), and this still doesn't gaurantee it will work properly, or how long the repair will last, or that you'll even put the controller back together correctly. This is where The SmartCase comes in. "Preventive Maintainence". Only The SmartCase is designed to protect the contollers (Meade AutoStar & Celestron Controller) from these elements. Crafted with only the finest materials with 20 Guage ultra strong, water proof clear plastic to protect the keypad. The transparent front allows the display to read easily, and maintains the feel of the keypad in all temperatures. Fully padded on the inside for duabilty and protection and made with the highest quality synthetic water proof leather for comfort and security. Knowing all this, your control pad is in good hands! Slip a Dew-Not heater strip (see Dew Solutions on our web site) into the case to assure the controller is kept warm so the LED display doesn't freeze or your keypad response stops. The SmartCase also protects your controller from damage due to falls. So pick one up today and know the security and protection of THE SMARTCASE I & II only from SmartAstronomy!


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